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Our Team

The Honea Family and the team at Coastal Vineyard Care Associates are the heart of the Honea Vineyards operations

Milt Honea
Co-Owner and Founder

(1933-2008): Gone but never forgotten, Milt and his wife Marilyn purchased land in the Santa Ynez Valley and attacked his ``retirement occupation`` the same way he did his decorated corporate career as the Chairman/President/CEO of Noram Energy in Houston -- with hard work, a thirst for knowledge, and a commitment to integrity and making the land better than it was when the Honeas found it.

Marilyn Honea
Co-Owner and Founder

Milt's wife of 53 years was always by his side, working with him to change and grow the Honea Vineyards into what it is today, with the help of their three children, Janet, Bob and Jim, and 10 grandchildren. Marilyn still lives on the property, often walking the hillsides and working with Coastal Vineyard Care Associates to ensure that only the best practices are used on their prized acreage.

Coastal Vineyard Care Associates
Vineyard Management

Winegrowers who appreciate fine wine, the ultimate goal of Coastal Vineyard Care Associates is to grow fruit that demonstrates the purity of flavor and place. They work collaboratively with domestic and international consultants to further ensure that their viticultural directives are well-informed and employ the newest technological advancements and research.